Quick Start

Last updated: Jun 19, 2019

Development Tools Installation

Please select an appropriate set of instructions for your operating system

Starter Code For Your First App

To generate starter code in a new folder for a Holochain app, run:

hc init my_first_app

In the new "my_first_app" folder is the basic structure of a new Holochain project. Open it up in a file browser or text editor to start to check it out.

Once you've completed that, you will be able to generate a new "Zome," the basic module format for Holochain.

To try it, make sure your terminal is set to the directory of "my_first_app" by running

cd my_first_app

and then run:

hc generate zomes/my_zome

This will add some starter code into the "zomes/my_zome" sub folder, which you can open up in a text editor and start checking out!

To run the tests (found in the “my_first_app/test/index.js” file), run the following command:

hc test

Otherwise, to familiarize with the tools, run the following command:

hc help

Next Step: You now have the tools necessary to create completely peer to peer applications using Holochain. Check the Holochain Guidebook and HDK API Reference for more information about Holochain and how to develop hApps.