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Holochain is a framework for building and running secure, fully peer-to-peer distributed apps.

It has never been easier to build the distributed app you've been thinking about.

Quick Start

Want to install and learn Holochain? Waste no time and get started with a quick and simple guide.


Develop an understanding of the fundamentals of Holochain, or follow comprehensive development guides.

Please note that the guidebook is still in its early stages and under active development.

API Reference

Discover the details of using the Rust Holochain Development Kit "HDK" library. This API reference also contains details for Holochain itself. 0.0.29-alpha2 now out!


Questions? We all have them. See the ones frequently asked about Holochain.


Discover apps built, or being built, with Holochain. Even add yours to the list!

Dev Pulse

A weekly publication announcing the latest Holochain developments, features, bug fixes, and more.