Welcome to the Holochain developer portal. Holochain is a tool for creating and running distributed applications. This site is for people who have a general understanding of what Holochain is, and what to use it for, and would like to know how to build a Holochain application. For more of an overview of Holochain, see the website, overview, and FAQ

Getting Started

The Holochain library is written in the programming language Go, but Holochain apps are written in the programming languages JavaScript and Lisp. Holochain utilizes command line tools for building and running applications. When you "install Holochain" you are installing the core Holochain library, along with the command lines tools. Installing Holochain is the first step towards building Holochain applications. Once it's installed, you can develop or run as many Holochain apps as you like.

To develop Holochain applications you need to know about 

  • getting Holochain installed
  • how to use the command line tools
  • how to configure your application by creating a "DNA" file
  • how to write your application code in JavaScript or Lisp
  • how to think through building a distributed application
  • how to build a user interface for your app
  • how to test your application code

This site is here to provide all of that, if you find something missing, please give us feedback! The first thing to getting going is Installing Holochain...