Dependency Pinning Guide

This guide tells you how to ‘pin’ versions of the Holochain HDK during hApp development so you’re guaranteed to have a consistent build environment for compiling DNAs. This is helpful because, if you use our ‘official’ releases of Holonix (see the quick install guide) you’ll be updated automatically, and projects compiled with older versions of Holochain might break. Additionally, slight changes in the Rust compiler might mean that your compiled DNA ends up with a totally different hash on recompilation, even when the source code hasn’t changed. This would cause a ‘fork’ in your network, which isn’t good.

Pinning your project to a specific Holonix release

  1. Find the current Git commit hash for the version of Holonix that you want to use. Usually that’s whatever’s in the love branch, which is available from and contains the most recent ‘blessed’ version of Holochain.

    git ls-remote love
    4c866d57760c0681c69385b5d4a93cd8516081e3    refs/heads/love

    (Note: this is just an example hash.)

  2. Take the above hash, then download and enter that specific version of holonix.

  3. Run hn-introspect in holonix to learn the Git commit hash of the version of Holochain that’s being used there.

    hn-introspect | grep -oE '^- holochain.*$'
    - holochain:
  4. Using the above hash, pin the HDK revision in your DNA’s Cargo.toml files.

    hdk = { git = "", rev = "a4461535c77f653f36cb3a7bb0dfda84e92ed1be" }