Holochain RSM Guidance

On 15 September 2020 we unveiled a new Holochain, which we’re currently calling Holochain RSM (Refactored State Model). This documentation site is for the previous version, now called Holochain Redux, and will be deprecated when RSM is released. The documentation will be gradually rewritten for RSM; in the meantime, we’ve indicated places where the information in this documentation will become obsolete.

This guidance page supports both existing and new developers in learning more.

New developers

Holochain RSM hasn’t been officially released, but it will be soon. We encourage you to wait until then. In the meantime, read the intro content on this website—it’s still relevant (and mostly accurate). Start with What is Holochain and Why Holochain, then read the Core Concepts while you keep the Glossary nearby.

Existing developers

If you want to get yourself prepared for porting your Holochain app to RSM, here are some provisional resources:

As always, you can also head over to the Holochain Forum and talk with our community of developers and team members.