Create A New Project

The command line tools discussed in the last article can be used to easily create a new folder on your computer, that contains all the initial folders and files needed for a Holochain application.

You will typically want to create a new project folder for a Holochain application this way. This one approach will suit the creation of a new Holochain app or implementing an existing app with Holochain instead.

In your terminal, change directories to one where you wish to initialize a new Holochain app. The command will create a new folder within the current directory for your app.

Come up with a name for your application, or at least for your project folder.

Copy or type the command below into your terminal, except replace your_app_name with the name you came up with. Press Enter to execute the command.

hc init your_app_name

hc specifies that you wish to use the Holochain command line tools. init specifies to use the command for initializing a new project folder. your_app_name is an argument you supply as the app, and folder name.

This has created a new folder in which you have the beginnings of a Holochain app.

It looks something like this, where the ellipses (...) indicate a folder

  • test
    • ...
  • zomes
    • ...
  • .gitignore
  • .hcignore
  • app.json

test contains some starter code for writing tests.

zomes will contain sub-folders, each of which represents a "Zome", which can be thought of as a submodule of the source code of your DNA.

.gitignore contains useful defaults for ignoring files when using GIT version control.

.hcignore is utilized by the packaging commands of the hc command line tools

app.json is the top level configuration of your DNA.

Carry on to the next article to see about making changes to the configuration of a new project.

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