Why Holochain?





Holochain is designed so apps can easily bridge to other apps, allowing identity and data sharing.

Holochain supports fast and agile development by creating microservices that can be bridged together.

On Holochain, capacity scales linearly with new Holochain users as each node contributes useful computing power.

Holochain is a framework for building interoperable public, private, and hybrid networks.

Benefits / Outcomes

Users can continue working while offline or partitioned.

You’re not burdened with getting the code or application logic absolutely perfect before launch.

Developers build 90– 95% of their application UI in the language of their choice, and the other ±10% on Rust/WASM.

Governance, resilience, and privacy are configurable to the requirements of the application, rather than a one-size-fits-all model.

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