Ready to Develop with Holochain?

You can build almost any blockchain solution on Holochain, solutions that can talk to each other. Very little should be done in Holochain with respect to design. You can, and should, use your favorite language/framework for 90–95% of your application.

Holochain has a “fat” UI, but a skinny back-end.

Use Holochain If

  • You want to empower your user communities to own their infrastructure without having to become system admins.
  • Your users want to own their data and have control over who accesses it.
  • Your application needs to work with unreliable network conditions and loss of connectivity.
  • You want rock-solid security that is immune to massive data breaches and resilient to coordinated attacks.
  • You consider data storage a liability and don’t want to be legally responsible for holding others’ data.
  • You’ve heard about blockchain and like the idea of decentralization, but want your application to feel fast.
  • You don’t like the idea of paying a new piper.
  • You’re exploring more equitable, fair models of revenue generation and want technology that respects your values and makes it affordable to express them.
  • You want the users of your application to be empowered, cooperating participants in the online spaces that they inhabit.
  • You’re not afraid to give up control if it means giving people the power to govern their own lives.

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