Create a New App

These are the commands you will need when creating a new application.

Initialize a new app

Make sure you have completed the install guide.

  1. Enter the Nix shell.
    nix-shell ~/.holonix/shellDrv
  2. Download and unpack the Holo World sample DNA project. ```bash curl ??? |

Run from project root


The following commands should all be run from the project root (e.g., my_new_app/).

cd my_new_app

Generate a new Zome

Run in nix-shell

hc generate zomes/my_zome rust-proc

Package an app

Run in nix-shell

hc package

Run a testing Holochain conductor

Run in nix-shell

hc run

Run in nix-shell

hc test

Run a Holochain conductor

You will need to create a config file. See the hello_world tutorial for an example.

Run in nix-shell

holochain -c conductor-config.toml

Learn more

Run in nix-shell

hc help 
holochain --help