Welcome, bluesky fans!

Holochain is a development framework for building peer-to-peer applications. We take a different approach from traditional cloud and blockchain, starting with the agency of individual users and working outward. Holochain applications are secure, scalable, private, and offline-friendly. We invite you to try Holochain out and report your experience back to the bluesky working group.

Learn more at holochain.org

Ready to try Holochain?


For a 12-minute overview of how Holochain works, you can watch this video:

If you want to get started writing an application with Holochain, go to the home page of this Developer Portal.


If you want to see what a Holochain application feels like to use, here are some that you can try. Holochain is made for human interaction, so you’ll get the most rewarding experience if you try them with a friend.

  • Register to be an alpha tester for Elemental Chat, a proof-of-concept chat application built with Holochain and hosted on the Holo network (Note: There is a wait list.)
  • If you are on Linux or Mac, download Acorn, a collaborative planning app. If you want to join a public workspace, try the project invitation secret residual improvise landfall bogus degraded. (Warning: it’s an unmoderated space, so don’t be surprised if you see weird stuff there.)
  • If you are on Linux or Mac, download the latest Holochain Launcher and Elemental Chess and play against a friend. (Launcher is still pre-alpha, so you may encounter some bugs.)
  • If you are on Windows (or Mac or Linux) download Snapmail, a local first mail client for intranet messaging.