[][src]Function hdk::api::get_links_result

pub fn get_links_result<S: Into<String>>(
    base: &Address,
    tag: S,
    options: GetLinksOptions,
    get_entry_options: GetEntryOptions
) -> ZomeApiResult<Vec<ZomeApiResult<GetEntryResult>>>

Retrieves data about entries linked to a base address with a given tag. This is the most general version of the various get_links helpers (such as get_links_and_load) and can return the linked addresses, entries, headers and sources. Also supports CRUD status_request. The data returned is configurable with the GetLinksOptions to specify links options and GetEntryOptions argument wto specify options when loading the entries.


fn hangle_get_links_result(address: Address) -> ZomeApiResult<Vec<ZomeApiResult<GetEntryResult>>> {
   hdk::get_links_result(&address, "test-tag", GetLinksOptions::default(), GetEntryOptions::default())