[][src]Module holochain_core_types::crud_status

This module holds the relevant constants and an enum required for Holochain to have 'status' metadata for entries. Since Holochain uses an append-only data structure, but still wishes to provide classical features of a data store such as "update" and "remove" (delete), metadata is created pointing entries forward to their 'latest' version, even including an entry being marked as deleted.



the CRUD status of a Pair is stored using an EAV, NOT in the entry itself



Create a new EAV with an old entry address as the Entity, CrudLink as the attribute and a new entry address as the value


Create a new EAV with an entry address as the Entity, CrudStatus as the attribute and CrudStatus as the value. This will come to represent the lifecycle status of an entry, when it gets stored in an EAV Storage