[][src]Function hdk::api::query

pub fn query(
    entry_type_names: QueryArgsNames,
    start: usize,
    limit: usize
) -> ZomeApiResult<Vec<Address>>

Returns a list of entries from your local source chain that match a given entry type name or names.

Each name may be a plain entry type name, or a "glob" pattern. All names and patterns are merged into a single efficient Regular Expression for scanning.

You can select many names with patterns such as "boo*" (match all entry types starting with "boo"), or "[!%]*e" (all non-system non-name-spaced entry types ending in "e").

You can organize your entry types using simple name-spaces, by including "/" in your entry type names. For example, if you have several entry types related to fizzing a widget, you might create entry types "fizz/bar", "fizz/baz", "fizz/qux/foo" and "fizz/qux/boo". Query for "fizz/**" to match them all.

Use vec![], "", or "**" to match all names in all name-spaces. Matching "*" will match only non-namespaced names.

entry_type_names: Specify type of entry(s) to retrieve, as a String or Vec of 0 or more names, converted into the QueryArgNames type start: First entry in result list to retrieve limit: Max number of entries to retrieve


pub fn handle_my_posts_as_commited() -> ZomeApiResult<Vec<Address>> {
    hdk::query("post".into(), 0, 0)
pub fn all_system_plus_mine() -> ZomeApiResult<Vec<Address>> {
    hdk::query(vec!["[%]*","mine"].into(), 0, 0)
pub fn everything_including_namespaced_except_system() -> ZomeApiResult<Vec<Address>> {
    hdk::query("**/[!%]*".into(), 0, 0)

With hdk::query_result, you can specify a package of QueryArgsOptions, and get a variety of return values, such a vector of Headers as a Vec<ChainHeader>:

// pub fn get_post_headers() -> ZomeApiResult<QueryResult> {
//    hdk::query_result("post".into(), QueryArgsOptions{ headers: true, ..Default::default()})
// }

The types of the results available depend on whether headers and/or entries is set:

//                                                     // headers  entries
// pub enum QueryResult {                              // -------  -------
//     Addresses(Vec<Address>),                        // false    false
//     Headers(Vec<ChainHeader>),                      // true     false
//     Entries(Vec<(Address, Entry)>),                 // false    true
//     HeadersWithEntries(Vec<(ChainHeader, Entry)>),  // true     true
// }