[][src]Function hdk::get_links

pub fn get_links<S: Into<String>>(
    base: &HashString,
    tag: S
) -> ZomeApiResult<GetLinksResult>

Consumes two values, the first of which is the address of an entry, base, and the second of which is a string, tag, used to describe the relationship between the base and other entries you wish to lookup. Returns a list of addresses of other entries which matched as being linked by the given tag. Links are created in the first place using the Zome API function link_entries. Once you have the addresses, there is a good likelihood that you will wish to call get_entry for each of them.


pub fn handle_posts_by_agent(agent: HashString) -> serde_json::Value {
    match hdk::get_links(&agent, "authored_posts") {
        Ok(result) => json!({"post_addresses": result.links}),
        Err(hdk_error) => hdk_error.to_json(),